We’re Focused on What Matters Most Right Now in Buffalo, New York

At the Junior League of Buffalo we live in the moment. To us, that means adjusting our focus according to our community’s most pressing needs. Our work is always evolving, and that keeps us on our toes, striving for progress, and preparing to take on whatever comes next.

Our current community goal of diversifying community partnerships can be achieved by evaluating the percentage of volunteer projects that are with strategic partners, setting goals for future partnerships, supporting grant applications that include volunteer opportunities for members, and holding 75% of general membership meetings at strategic partner sites, which include partner presentations, and/or partner volunteer projects.

So far we have adopted our strategic plan and developed annual goals to achieve this and are working to further diversify our community-based partnerships.

Our goal is to help Western New York women develop civic leadership skills through the work they do, then put those talents to work in the communities that need it. Our current focus of supporting communities at risk gives women opportunities to grow, while positively impacting the communities where they live and work.


We’re Creating Fulfilling Leadership Opportunities Throughout Western New York

The Junior League of Buffalo offers so much more than local volunteering opportunities! Our League of leaders creates real change by advancing social activism-focused projects that directly benefit the communities of Western New York. By giving women the tools to lead, educating them about their communities’ needs, and helping them put their unique brand of creativity and skill to work, The Junior League of Buffalo is making a big impact on Western New York .

We’re Transforming Western New York Communities By Challenging the Status Quo

No matter what we’re currently focusing on, the The Junior League of Buffalo’s work centers around improving our local communities through effective action and leadership. We have identified communities at risk as the most pressing issue in our community right now, and we are helping local women take action to resolve it. So far this year, we have adopted a diversity, equity and inclusion statement, awarded monies to two new and deserving partner agencies to build beds for children in need as well as support the construction of our areas’ first fully inclusive playground. League members held neighborhood meetings at local community organizations and despite COVID-19 we were able to hold two ‘contactless’ community food drives. We believe that these impactful actions have the power to bring us closer to our goal of diversifying our community partnerships.